Planning a Garage Conversion

If you are thinking about converting your garage, there is a range of considerations you must initially bear in mind. From essentials such as heating, power and insulation right through to the finishing touches, adding extra space to your home in this way can be a great way to avoid having to move if your house is bursting apart at the seams.

Why Convert Your Garage?

Converting a garage can be a solution to many problems in the home, from wanting a larger kitchen to needing an extra bedroom, office or play room. This is often a handy solution in locations where houses are packed in quite tightly and extending in the conventional manner may not be appropriate or even possible. Similarly, if the footprint of the house needs to be maintained for planning reasons, your home could be given extra space by converting the garage ? you can even maintain the fa?ade of a garage by not removing the doors. Given that many garages that were built as an integral part of older homes are too small to fit many of today`s cars, it seems a great way to make the most of the space you have in your home.

How Will the Space Be Used?

The first question that you need to ask yourself relates to your needs in the home. What additional space is needed? Sometimes this is relatively straightforward: if you have one too many children and not enough bedrooms, are finding yourself working from home or need a larger kitchen for entertaining, the use for the additional space is obvious. In looking at the feasibility of adding an additional toilet and shower area into the space, you open up the possibility of creating an en-suite guest bedroom.

Issues in introducing access to the garage from the main house can be encountered, depending on how these areas conjoin and the location of the stairs. Begin by considering the ideal location of the door to your new room, rather than working from where your existing access lies. Remember to carry this out from both sides, as putting a door in the ideal place for the hallway is no good if it completely disrupts the flow of your new room and the same could be said the other way around.

Making It Look Right, Inside and Out

It is often best to not change too much on the outside of the property when converting your garage. Make sure that anything added matches as close as possible with the existing front of the property, to make the conversion seem as natural as possible. A conversion which looks bolted on to the property will look unsightly and potentially affect the value of your home.

On the inside, make up for the lack of natural light by painting the walls a light and airy colour and installing many lighting options. Don`t just stick with ceiling roses, as well-placed wall lightscan create an interesting effect, providing light exactly where it is needed for practical or aesthetic reasons.


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